The store is back! It took a few days of hard work, but the hackers could not keep us down! The store is back, and while it is not... exactly the same as it was before, it does work so you can order your fave jams, jellies, pickles, etc.

Please note that we do not require registration to place an order now. In fact, registration is not even an option! We might bring it back, but that will be a long-term project.

We also do not have product descriptions or photos right now. So if you need more information, please check our Contact page for your favorite way to get in touch.

Thanks for your understanding during this difficult time!

Welcome to OmNomNom Jams and Jellies! The best place to get homemade jams and jellies in a variety of familiar and unusual flavors. Here at OmNomNom we strive to produce the best fruit spreads we can. We try to shop at local farms, buy local honey, and find the freshest fruits and sometimes veggies for our Jams. Want something a little more unusual? We specialize in exotic flavors and combinations like Carrot Cake, Banana Nut Bread and even Strawberry Daiquiri. We try to use less sugar than conventional jams and jellies, so you can taste more fruit!

This all started in 2011 when too many peaches were brought home. Rather than see delicious farm fresh peaches go to waste, Melissa (Co-Founder) decided to make some jam. She had so much fun she decided to experiment! So many people received the fruits of her labor for Christmas, she started to look into how she could share the tasty bounty with more people. She called up Stacey – a long time friend – and asked if she wanted to join in this venture. And here we are! After 6 months of research, OmNomNom Jams and Jellies was born.

Our products are produced in a certified kitchen so you can be assured of the best quality and safety. Small batches are what make our spreads stand above others. Every batch is handmade, stirred, and jarred. We can even make most of our jams and jellies with Stevia for those monitoring their sugar intake closely.

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